Dow strengthen Prices For Versene Chelating Agents In Europe

AkzoNobel Functional Chemicals is relocating the headquarters applications of surfactants its Chelates business from the Netherlands to China. The move has been prompted by the growing importance of the Asian market.

"It is extremely important for us to be in close proximity to our customers in China and the Asia Pacific region," explained Functional Chemicals General Manager Bob Margevich. "This move will allow us to fully support AkzoNobel's commitment to expanding its global Specialty Chemicals activities. The worldwide scale of our activities also underlines our commitment to focusing on the needs of ourcustomers, wherever they may be."

Currently based in Amersfoort, the Chelates business will move its head office to Shanghai during the summer. Chelates General Manager Geert Hofman and Controller Prasanta Dutt will also relocate to China during the course of the year, with Hofman taking on the additional role of Functional Chemicals' administrative representative for Asia Pacific.

Hofman added that the move made perfect strategic sense: "Functional Chemicals will be the predominant user of a EUR250 million grassroots multi-site currently being built in China by AkzoNobel. Located in Ningbo, it will include facilities for the production of chelating agents and ethylene amines. As well as creating several hundred jobs - so enhancing career opportunities in the region - it will utilize state-of-the-art technology and upon completion will be one of the company's biggest sites in the world."